Sunday, May 21, 2017

Single-person response speed training for martial arts

Martial arts require quick action, both in attack and defense. While one can train his speed of attack alone, it is almost impossible to train for speed of defense by himself. Two (or more) people have to work together. In sports, agility drill improves the athlete's change of body position and direction of running. But its emphasis is on the change of the body, not on the speed of response, which precedes the body movement and is more critical in any type of martial arts (boxing, Kung-fu, Taekwondo, etc.).

Although two-people training is needed for this training, it is not always convenient to arrange for two people and it inevitably causes injury. Just for the purpose of improving response speed, one-person training has its advantage, except that there is lack of such equipment. A possible design is a machine with a flat front plate. Multiple holes are open on the front. From each hole, a rod made of rubber can quickly pop out. The trainee stands close to the machine and has to quickly respond to the protruding rod by either turning his body to avoid it, or catching it with his hand.

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