Monday, September 19, 2016

Web site to collect dominant opinions of a specific language group on a specific incident

Suppose you want to know how most of Germans, Italians, Russians, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish-speaking people, English-speaking people respond to a specific major world incident, such as Russian hackers' break-in of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) database. You can guess that many Americans condemn the hacking while Russians cry for hypocrisy. To confirm that, you can go to major Web sites such as, to check (mostly) American readers' comments below this news, and do the same to major Russian news media Web sites, and then to Web sites mostly visited by Germans, Japanese, etc. for opinions of other nationals. But the process is manual, tedious, and relies on whether the Web sites sort comments by popularity i.e. votes or like's (sorting by posting time is almost useless). It is not technically difficult to build a single Web site where the reader can search for the news reports of the same incident on Web sites of different languages. Then the reader can check the most like'ed comments posted by people speaking different languages. This Web site should automatically translate, by way of Google Translate or any online translation engine, the entered keywords and submit them to representative Web sites, such as,,, etc. Alternatively, the Web site can also gather such information from Facebook, where major news medias frequently provide news feeds and readers post comments that by default are already sorted by number of like's. Be aware that people speaking a specific language are not necessarily of a specific nationality. But that's a minor point.

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